Albalact Factory in Oiejdea - the largest greenfield investment in the country – has the last generation of Tetra Pak equipment for the processing and packaging: a milk pasteuriser equipped with a bactofuge (for the removal of microorganisms), hermetic separator and automatic milk standardiser, ultra-pasteurisation equipment, processing units for the production of yogurt, storing tanks, packing machines.

The factory is entirely computerised, all processing and packaging parameters are monitored in real-time. Regarding its research and development strategy, Albalact has staff dedicated to developing new products and a microbiology lab with advanced equipment for quality control, analysis and determinations.

The Raraul factory in Campulung Moldovenesc was also modernised and refurbished during the past two years, with investments of over EUR 2 million.

In both production units,
the company processes over
300.000300.000 liters of milk per day.