Albalact is the symbol of the Romanian producer with a tradition that has performed and increased year after year in a competitive and demanding market.

We are known for our innovative spirit and creative and modern brands that have conquered consumers and brought us where we are today - leaders on the milk market.

At Albalact, people grow and develop with brands.

We are dynamic, build every year, create products, introduce new technologies, implement modern systems, learn permanently, share our knowledge, experience and creativity.

We need people who love what they do, who want to learn, to evolve, who are willing to give their best and who are not afraid to assume their decisions and actions. Because at Albalact, things are constantly being built, adjusted, adapted.

That is why we need courageous people with bold ideas.

Many of our employees are promoted inside the company. We always take into account the idea of promoting from the inside before hiring from outside, because we know and want to develop the potential of each employee and we have the confidence that everyone wants and can do more.

It is an environment in which we all learn all the time, both directly at work and by participating in training programs.

The company is transparent in its employee policies and we want everyone to know what the company can offer, what its future is and how that will reflect on each employee.

At Albalact, people are heard, encouraged and promoted.